Homeschool Online Program | Anywhere, Anytime

One of the big advantages of the Homeschool Online Program in Flash and Java (but most specifically in the ongoing Flash online homeschool curriculum software) is that you can create content anywhere and use it as easily. You can create a lesson (e.g. create a Latin vocabulary lesson or Homeric Greek lesson) at your home computer using your web browser and home internet connection, and have it available at any other computer at your home or at another homeschooling household location.

Anywhere you have a web browser and an internet connection - you have access to the Homeschool online program homeschool curriculum!

You might live in the US and share a lesson with a Latin homeschooler in the UK, or you might create a lesson downstairs in the den and your daughter practices it upstairs at her own computer or on her own laptop. All you need is a browser on the internet.