Online Homeschool Curriculum Aids | Flash and Java Online Programs

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Designed to augment your online homeschool curriculum the Hungry frog free online homeschool software programs let you create your own lessons to match your own written or online homeschool teaching plans and materials. The Flash based online homeschool software programs run inside just your internet browser without any downloads or registration requirements. To make the online homeschool software programs as widely accessible as possible, Hungryfrog offers both Flash based and Java based free homeschool online programs which include learning content in a variety of subjects including Latin and Homeric Greek. Whether you choose to use Java or Flash based online homeschool programs, both run directly inside your browser. All online homeschool software programs are completely free to you to use as much and as often as you like from any computer.

These 'anytime, anywhere' online homeschool teaching resources are a great complement to any online homeschool curriculum programs. Any lessons you create as part of the online homeschool software program are immediately available to the user community - including other homeschool programs and even the K-12 community as well. Sharing lessons you create for your homeschool curriculum with others is automatic and completely transparent to you and your students. 

Flash Online Homeschool Programs and Learning Software

The goal of the Hungryfrog free online homeschool software programs is to allow you to supplement your homeschool curriculum with homeschool teaching materials you and the community create and share no matter what your individual homeschool curriculum details or homeschool teaching plans. All of the online homeschool software programs are free to use. The Latin and Homeric Greek Hungry frog free online homeschool programs in Flash allow you to create vocabulary lessons and even create new dictionary entries to suit your homeschool curriculum requirements. You (or your students) create lessons online using the free online homeschool software programs, and the lessons you create instantly become available to the community and to your students. Your students then play learning games based on those lessons using just their internet browser with no downloads, no sign ups, and no wait!

We try to keep the Flash free online homeschool programs simple and self explanatory, but as time goes by things always get complicated so if you have any questions feel free to use the secure (your email is encrypted before it is sent) contact form at this web site to contact us.

Java Online Homeschool Programs and Learning Games

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As part of the hunryfrog free online homeschool program homeschool curriculum aid series, in addition to Flash based online learning content, also offers Java Applet learning games. Your students can select…