Homeschool Online Program Materials | Windows Software

You may choose to use the browser based online homeschool curriculum materials exclusively (Flash and Java) because of the convenience of only needing a web browser to access your lessons. After all, why be tied to a PC if you don't need to be? However, the Hungryfrog Windows software gives you a much richer experience (both from the experience of the kids using the software and from your perspective as a parent). Just like the online software programs, you can still make your own lessons to match your homeshool curriculum and you can share these lessons with others from within the program software.

The Windows Hungryfrog education software is highly customizable and extensible. Not only can you make your own lessons to match your homeschool curriculum, but you can also alter the software in other ways. With the Windows software, for example, you can create your own backgrounds for games by using your own photographs or artwork. You can record your own sounds and spoken vocabulary word and phrases and have the game speak your own recorded sounds to replace or add to the spoken vocabulary of the PC programs. Games take full advantage of the power of today's computers and allow full screen play, side by side play by two people and lots more. All language content is part of the same program... Lots more!

You can read detailed program manuals about the Hungryfrog v6.0 software for Windows (both Latin and Homeric Greek software is part of the program) from the Windows Software pages at the main website.

The download and software is free as part of the online homeschool curriculum software program aids.