About Us

Our goal with the Hungryfrog.com online program is to provide free education resources to the homeschool (and K-12) community. Our online learning materials are free to use (including the PC software available for Download from Hungryfrog.com). We do have bandwidth costs for serving things up to you, and that is why you see ads around the site and why we ask that you donate or shop at Amazon.com through our Amazon links.

In case you are confused by seeing some 'jellyfishfun.com' URLs mixed in with 'hungryfrog.com', do not be alarmed! As you navigate this website and the main Hungryfrog.com website, you will see content hosted at both the Jellyfishfun.com and Hungryfrog.com websites as Hungryfrog.com is running out of bandwidth so we are moving some things to Jellyfishfun.com.

To help support the free online programs you can do your Amazon.com shopping through the Amazon mini-store at the Hungryfrog.com website or by clicking on the Amazon title bar to go to Amazon from this website via the ad-link below:

Alternatively, you can help keep us growing by donating directly via PayPal (or by using a Credit Card via PayPal). Donations of any amount are appreciated!